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ػ͡ûСͺͧ "͡ҧɰԨ ʻ. : ŧع 2552 лա÷ͧ 2555"
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ش (Ao Dai) ͧʵժ´
ԧ . վ鹷§ 699.4 ҧ (ҳ絢ͧҹ)

ջЪҡö֧ 5.08 ҹҧҵԷ价ӸáԨաҡ   Ѱԧ֧ӤѭѺҧѧͧ ԧͧ дǡʺ ʹ ҾǴ öͧѵѡɳⴴ ͧѺŧعС÷ͧ


1. ǷҧüѡѹԺ⵷ҧɰԨСٹҧҧáԨ Ǻ仡ѺҧسҾԵЪҪ Ƿҧѧ觷ԧ “ͧⴴ” “A City of Distinction” շ駤šѵѡɳ੾е Ҿ蹵ǾͧѺŧعС÷ͧ ʺ (vibrant and livable environment)

2.  Ƿҧҧ繡ͺԴ (Concept Plan) 㹡þѲҧѧͧ ͺèѴªԹҧ ÷ԹѾ繻ªԧɰԨ (capitalize assets)駡ҧкҤ ¤Ҵ๶֧ѡɳкҹͧ ͹Ҥ 40-50 բҧ˹ ҷ ҧٹäԹ    

3.  ҡͺԴ (Concept Plan) աèѴἹ躷´ (Master Plan) ἹҹСҧ 10-15 Ἱҹҧ ͡÷ռźѧѺҧ·ءǹҪõͧ任ԺѵԴ ա÷ǹἹء 10 ʹͧѺҾóԧ

4.  ǤԴӤѭ

              4.1  ӤѭѺ鹷 ¾鹷ѵ 1:6 ͧ鹷 ҧ鹷Ƿ᷹ǹ١¨ҡûѺاѲҺҹͧ ҧѧ鹷ǵҧ §ͧѹ

              4.2  ҧҤ÷ѡɳзӹ֧֧ѹ繪 (Community Living) ҡҤǹ ҧ鹷ҧѺ͡ѧ ҧҧҧҤ 駷ҧҤ㹪ǧ٧ դҡöͺʹͧͧâͧ 駹 Ҥ Pinnacle@Duxton ࢵ Tanjong Pagar ҤõҧͧǤԴ Community Living  Ѻҧ Best Tall Building Asia & Australia Award ҡ The Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat  

            4.3  ӤѭѺѡҤʹ ͧѤ ·ҧҡ 觡˹Ҥ÷ҧеͧ٧Թ 280

5. ÷ԧʺ ǹ˹˹§ҹѡ “Ҿ”Ѵਹ (Urban Redevelopment Authority – URA ˹§ҹѡ㹡ҧἹѲͧ) ˹§ҹҧ ѺἹ仴Թҹӫ͹ ҷ Building and Contruction Authority - BCA ѺԴͺ㹡äǺáҧҤ

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