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ػӤѭúͧ Ҵ͡: ͡ػäͧ”
ػ͡ûСͺͧ "͡ҧɰԨ ʻ. : ŧع 2552 лա÷ͧ 2555"
ػҷҧԪҡͧ طʵԺẺ (Green Growth) ͧ ҧ͡͡ʢͧ”
š͹Ҥ .. 2020
ش (Ao Dai) ͧʵժ´
º Wawasan 2035 ͧ乴ʫ
ѹ 17 ԧҤ 2553 ҧëԵ Թ ֡һиҹҸԺտԻԹҹкǹҧѹҾ (OPAPP) ػ褳˹§ҹ蹤ҧ͹ԻԹѹ 17-20 ԧҤ 2553 㹻Ӥѭ ѧ

1. ʶҹó㹾鹷ԹҧѰſԻԹѺŴ MILF 㹻Ѩغѹդʧº ͧҡͧ´Թõ͵ŧشԧ (Ceasefire) դСõ͵ŧشԧҡؤ㹷ͧ Фмѧࡵóҧ (International Monitoring Team-IMT) 繼Ǻͧ´Թõ͵ŧ

2. OPAPPҧ÷ǹçҧкҷèҢͧ駤èҢͧѰſԻԹѺ MILF СѺ CPP (Communist Party of the Philippines) лȼӹ¤дǡ () 駹 ԻԹҧèѴ駤èҢͧѰšѺ MILFش

3. ѰſԻԹѴ Mindanao Trust Fund ѺԨҤԹعҡ˹§ҹ/ͧõҧ 㹡þѲҺؤҡ㹪鹷Թ


1. èѹҾҧѰſԻԹѺ MILFشСͺ¹ Mrvic Leonen ͸ԡúԷ¿ԻԹ ˹Ҥè ҪԡèҽѰſԻԹ 1) ҧ Miriam Ferrer-Coronel ҨԷ¿ԻԹ 2) Senen Bacani ʹյѰҡáзǧɵÿԻԹ 3). Hamid Barra ʹյ˹Ҵҹ֡ࢵ ARMM (Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao)

2. èҢͧ MILF Сͺ Mohagher Iqbal ˹ҤèҪԡèҽ MILF 1) Abdullah Camlian 2) Abhoud Swed Linga 3) Datu Antonio Kinoc

ѹ 15 ѹ¹ 2553 Datu Seri Anifah Aman Ѱҡáзǧõҧ͡ѺиҹҸԺҤ⹢ͧԻԹ ǡѺҷͧ㹰ҹлȼӹ¤дǡèҧѰſԻԹѺ MILF»иҹҸԺҤ׹¤ʧ繻ȼӹ¤дǡ

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